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There is a mermaid waiting to brighten your home, office or business.

Mermaid Prints on Aluminum

Vibrant, fade-resistant color, printed on lighweight aluminum. Ready to hang with anti-skid frame bumpers on back. Weather-resistant!

Hang under cover on your patio or front entry.

Mermaid Coloring Postcards -

Choose a pack with 6 postcards—

all of them your favorite design, or

a Combo Pack with 6 postcards

one of each design.

$7.00 + 4% tax

Flat-rate shipping included when

you select your quantity.

Printed on fine quality card stock that holds up well to

markers or color pencils, these 5 x 7 postcards

are appropriate for framing and can be

sent in the US mail with regular first-class letter postage.

In My Mind I’m Going to Lahaina

Mermaid has

"In My Mind I’m Going to Lahaina”

written in her hair.

Price below includes shipping.

Going to Lahaina Postcards

"In My Mind I'm Going to Lahaina" is written in

this lovely mermaid's golden hair.

Story Time for Seahorse  A mermaid rests on the

sea floor and reads to her little sea horse companion.

Maui Daydream A contemplative

mermaid daydreams with the island of

Lanai in the distance.

Love Mother Ocean A raven-haired

mermaid reads "Love Mother Ocean".

Maui Magic A beautiful mermaid dances

to a magical tune.

Aloha, Happy Place! A fun-loving

mermaid swims with her finny friends.

5 x 7 inch aluminums

8.5 x 11.5 inch aluminums

Shipped to your door!

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Mind Passages

Mermaid reads a book on the ocean floor.

Price below includes shipping.

Mind Passages Postcards

Maui Daydream

A contemplative mermaid looks out

at the island of Lanai.

Price below includes shipping.

Maui Daydream Postcards

Love Mother Ocean

A bejeweled mermaid reads

“Love Mother Ocean” while fish

school around her.

Price below includes shipping.

Love Mother Ocean Postcards

Maui Magic

A beautiful mermaid

dances to mystical tunes.

Price below includes shipping.

Maui Magic Postcards

Aloha, Happy Place!

A joyful mermaid

frolicks with her finny friends.

Price below includes shipping.

Aloha, Happy Place! Postcards

One of Each!

Get all six designs in a pack.

Price below includes shipping.

Combo Pack Postcards

Stocking Stuffers

Party Gift Bag Items

Send a note to a friend, colored or uncolored!

A great group activity!

Mermaid Postcard/Bookmark Coloring Kit

Get all six mermaid designs, practice pallet, 2 bookmarks to color,

2 bookmark sleeves and 2 tassels in each package.

Price below includes shipping.

Combo Pack Postcards

Mermaid Postcard/Bookmark Coloring Kit


Up to 6 coloring kits will fit in a

$10 flat-rate shipper!

Shipping included in pricing below.

6 mermaid postcard designs

tips and techniques card

coloring practice pallet

2 bookmark designs

2 bookmark sleeves

2 tassles

Hours of fun!

5 x 7, suitable for framing. Mail with regular first class letter postage.

Great stocking stuffers, gifts or party favors!.


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