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Happy Halloween everyone!

Looking forward to attending the YALL Fest in downtown Charleston in a couple of weeks. It was a great time last year...heard tons of YA authors talking about their books and met other YALL Fest participants/aspiring authors. Inspiring!

This year I'm hoping to get into the session where I can make a pitch to an editor or agent about my novel, Marea. Wish me luck!

Sending positive energy to Hurricane Sandy survivors, along with a quick resumption of ConEd energy, as well.

Morning after daylight savings time.

Original photo date: Saturday, March 17, 2012, copied from old web site.

Daylight savings time makes things much darker in the morning these days! This was taken last Wed. the lights are the restaurants around the creek, mainly Vickery’s and Reds and the Edgewater Hotel. Pretty low tide! 

Shem Creek Shrimp Boats

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I brought my camera and it was cloudy.  :-(  But still a nice walk. You can just make out a sliver of the moon in the reflection, just below the mast of the shrimp boat.

Also snapped this pic of a duck just taking flight.

Full moon over the marsh.

Original entry copied from old web site, dated Friday, February 10, 2012

A cloudy sunrise on Shem Creek.

Low flying pelican skims the water’s surface. I ordered a telephoto lens yesterday, so I hope I can have better pics of wildlife in the future.

We loved the idea of this tide clock at 465 West Coleman Blvd. but, unfortunately, it has not functioned for over a year now.


The full moon has been spectacular the last few days! This was taken on the 9th, but the day before (when I didn’t have my camera) was stunning. Sorry I missed it! Today was too cloudy.



Saturday, March 10, 2012  A pod or squadron of pelicans warm their enormous beaks in the morning sunshine. Shem Creek is one of their favorite dining locations, where they pick up scraps from shrimp boats and the skeletal remains of filleted fish thrown from the docks. Pelicans are a familiar sight in Marea's world, as they skim over waves just inches from the surface, searching for their next meal.

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