Marea's World Blog

Marea is the title of a young adult science fiction novel I am writing. It's about a seventeen-year-old girl who makes her new home in the Lowcountry, near Charleston, South Carolina.

The Lowcountry is an area near the coast, blanketed in marshland and dotted with ponderous, ancient oak trees. It teems with wildlife and is a fascinating place to observe nature.

But Marea is also familiar with another part of the Lowcountry, rarely seen by tourists or even local residents. It's the landscape under the waves, a few miles offshore, where she grew up. Ah—she's a mermaid, you say? Some might say that, but she could be standing right next to you in line at the grocery store and you'd never know it.

Until Marea is published, this is your introduction to her world, told through photographs and captions in my Lowcountry Blog

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